Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Google AdSense

When I created my blog I was intrigued by the fact that Google provided an easy checkbox for adding ads to blog page. They call this Google AdSense. If the ads generated revenue for the advertiser, I would get a commission. Why not? I added that option to my blog.

How Google AdSense works is that it reads the content of your blog and tries to match the best ads to your topics. Unfortunately, the plan backfired for me. Due to my subjects covering Elk populations and the Idaho Fish and Game, Google determined that the ads appropriate for my site were Elk Hunting ads for outfitters in Idaho. While I am not necessarily against elk hunting, I was not sure I wanted to promote it either. It was definitely contrary to my key message that wildlife and balanced ecosystems are more important than the elk hunting rights of people. The Ads are now gone!

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Anonymous said...

If your interested in a little extra revenue you can opt for or hunt down someone thats has a account and get an invite from them.

P.S. Thanks for linking to my blog.