Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Carnival of the Green

Here is another blog carnival. As you can probably tell, blog carnivals are communities of bloggers that get together and aggregate their stories into a given theme. There are different approaches, but one common approach is for a different person of the community to host it on their blog each time. Readers and bloggers are asked to make recommendations for the best content to be linked into the carnival.

Carnival of the Green 20 is hosted at Greener Magazine.

I believe that this carnival is always hosted at Greener Magazine.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Rob:

Technorati led me to your site however it is your engaging content that has kept me here, very interesting mix.

Wanted to make one correction to this post, if I may. Although we would love to take credit for hosting "Carnival of the Green" each week, we cannot. COTG, like any Carnival, is hosted round-robin fashion by many great "green" sites.

City Hippy and TriplePundit are, in fact, the originators of the Carnival. We are currently booked through December. One of our sister publications, The Animal Broadcast Network will host May 29; perhaps I might encourage you to contribute a piece with an Idaho perspective.

Drop me a line when you have a chance. Cheers, Harlan