Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Idaho Fish and Game Ignore Feedback

It comes as no surprise that shortly after the close of the comment period regarding the controversial Idaho Fish and Game's wolf kill proposal, that the IF&G commission voted UNANIMOUSLY to proceed with their mis-guided plan. They have moved forward and requested permission from the federal government, which I expect to be quickly granted.

As you can see from other posts in my blog, I have significant issues with this plan. I have further issue with the IF&G process for managing the public comments. First, as you will see in the report linked below, they essentially ignored the 41,569 comments received from the Defenders of Wildlife action network campaign. Second, the IF&G apparently have violated their own stated objectives.

From the IF&G report: "The objective of seeking public comments for a management action such as that proposed by the Department might be viewed as twofold: (1) look for additional knowledge that would strengthen the proposal or cause its modification and, (2) measure public sentiment for or against the proposal and identify groups or numbers of individuals who hold various points of view."

The IF&G made the following violations to their objectives:
(1) 25% of the opposing comments pointed, as I did, to the bad science and conclusions in the plan. They did not look for additional knowledge that would strengthen their proposal.
(2) Public sentiment spoke resoundingly against the proposal, yet they still voted unanimously to approve it as is.

If you would like to review the summarized results of the public feedback:

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