Tuesday, March 21, 2006

MIT OpenCourseWare

With my strong interest in wildlife and natural ecosystems, I recently started an OpenCourseWare Biology class from MIT. MIT has been posting recordings of many of their classes, with quizzes, exams, and reference materials on their OpenCourseWare website. The classes are free to download and view. Of course, you do not receive credit or professor support. The coursework can be accessed at: MIT OpenCourseWare

Many of the classes are available in both video and audio format. I have been using the audio format as I listen on my ipod during my walk and bus ride to and from work. I have only completed 4 sessions so far, but it has been quite valuable. The lack of video has complicated the learning as the instructor uses many visual aids. I plan to continue with the audio format supplementing it with some video sessions. I expect I am catching at least half of the content.

A number of Universities are following suit - University of Michigan and Stanford being two others that I looked into. I think this is a positive move for the world. It illustrates the democratization of education. I believe it can only help the world.

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