Sunday, March 26, 2006

Seattle Commission Turns in Recommendations for Meeting Kyoto Targets

In a very impressive show of political leadership, Seattle mayor Greg Nickels continues his campaign to curb his city's impact on climate change. Through his leadership he is also influencing many cities across the country to follow his lead. I personally have requested on two occasions that the City of Boise take up the challenge to no avail.

Here's a writeup on Green Car Congress on his commission's conclusions: Seattle Commission Turns in Recommendations for Meeting Kyoto Targets

I think there are some excellent recommendations from the commission that apply to most any city. I think the key will be the leadership from the mayors office. I am sure that many people will complain about the price and inconvenience. These arguments are based on two critical, and often wrong, assumptions. First, everyone assumes the price of public transportation is too expensive. This is because they don't factor in the price of their single occupancy vehicle, of the roads to support that vehicle, of the impact on the environment of that vehicle, the advantage for them for others to ride public transportation (less congestion), etc. Second, people believe that traffic congestion can be solved by just building more roads. While more roads can have an impact, there is a point where wider roads causes diminishing return.

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