Thursday, May 25, 2006

St Croix Snorkeling

Here's some snorkeling pictures from our recent trip to St Croix. See the full trip report further down on this blog - "Saving the Leatherback Turtle". Click on photos to view larger image.

One of two octopus we found out in front of our cottage.
Nurse Shark from the Buck Island Snorkel trip. We would also see one snorkeling in front of our cottage and on one of our scuba dives.
Stoplight Parrotfish at Buck Island.
Surgeon Fish during Buck Island Snorkel.
Hawksbill Turtle that we found during our Buck Island Snorkel.
More Surgeon Fish.
Large Barracuda during Buck Island snorkel.

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tai haku said...

nice pics - is this with a house digital or disposable? Sounds like an interesting trip, leatherbacks are one of the few marine turtles I've not managed to see yet and this sounds like a good way to see 'em.

wolf21m said...

These pics were with a underwater disposable. They came out better than I expected. Few people have seen Leatherbacks as they are deep water turtles.