Friday, July 14, 2006

Boise May in Motion

The totals are in for the May in Motion alternative transportation program. Each May the various transportation agencies promote alternative transportation. They have partnered with business organization to promote the program and hopefully convince more people to use alternative transportation year round. A couple of points from this years program:

  • The number of riders using intercounty bus service in May was 7,236, a 83.7 percent increase over May 2005.
  • The number of riders using Nampa/Caldwell
    system was 6,876, a 67.5 percent increase compared to May 2005
  • The number of riders using Boise/Garden City services was 95,004, a 15.5 percent increase from May 2005.

  • The intercounty and the Nampa/Caldwell number are probably due to a large service expansion in Octover of last year. The Boise/Garden City increase is based on similar service the previous year so can be considered true progress in encouraging greater use of the transit system. Although, the bus service was free in May this year. Not sure if that was responsible for the growth or not. Personally I have found that once people do ride the bus, they are more likely to ride it again. In my case it works better than I thought it would before I tried it.

    There are other statistics located at the Valley Ride Site, but most are less concrete as they required individual reporting.

    I submitted my report which included 2 weeks of vacation, 4 bus riding days, 4 bike riding days, 1 driving day, and 2 out of town travel days. I'll have to work on reducing these last two!.

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