Saturday, September 23, 2006

Idaho Wolf Kill Proposal Rejected by the Federal Government

In February of this year, I started this blog because I had a number of things to say. One of the first topics was about a controversial plan that the Idaho State Fish and Game Department had to kill 80% of the wolves in a particular area of Idaho (a total of 43 wolves in the Lolo Region). You can read my original post here which includes a link to the proposal and my comments against their plan. This plan was proposed just three days after the state took over management of wolves in Idaho. The plan was based on poor science, bad assumptions, and did nothing to address the real issue at hand - the fact that the Clearwater elk herd was in trouble through human actions long before wolves were reintroduced to Idaho.

In March we received word that, after reviewing over 40,000 comments on the proposal, 99% against, the Fish and Game commission voted unanimously to continue anyway. My blog post is here.

Well the news came out today that the Feds, also citing bad science, rejected Idaho's plan. This is a tremendous victory for the wolves, the environment, the people of Idaho, and reasonable minds. It sets the expectation that wildlife should be managed by science not politics.

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