Saturday, December 23, 2006

New Camera

After years of digiscoping (taking digital photos through our spotting scope), we finally broke down and purchased a digital SLR camera for photography. We now use a Canon Digital Rebel XTi, with a Canon 100-400mm lens.  It clearly doesn't qualify as a pocket camera! So far we have been very impressed with the image quality and even more impressed with the speed of the camera. The ability to take 28 shots in a row, 3 frames a second, is an excellent capability that we didn't have before. The focus is right on, even for motion shots. We have taken some good sequences of birds flying. 20 shots in a row, all of them excellent while panning. When buying the lens I was sure that we would have to tripod the camera to use it at all. Not true.  Most of the shots below were taken at 400mm hand held!  It was definitely a good investment!

(click on photo for larger image)


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Anonymous said...

Looks like, Santa was not only good to you, but he also delivered early! Congratulations on your new toy. The pictures are awesome!