Sunday, December 03, 2006

Oregon's Minimum Wage Increase a Boon for Economy

I subscribe to the Idaho Foodbank's newsletter. Last week they published an interesting article about Oregon's increase in this minimum wage.  In 2002 Oregon votes passed an increase in the minimum wage which is also annually tied to inflation. Two interesting points speak for themselves:

  • Unemployment in 2002 = 7.6%, in 2006 = 5.4%.
  • Food insecurity rate in 1996-98 = 14.2%, 2003-05 = 11.9% (USDA report).

Last year the Republican dominated Idaho Legislature refused to consider the increase. Through some maneuvering the bill was provided an hour long discussion before being voted down in a landslide. It comes as no surprise that we are still the 8th hungriest state in the country.

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

You are entitled to your opinion, but your reasoning (especially the ctudy you cite) has no basis in fact. Minimum wages DESTROY jobs. They do not create them. For more information, please read the studies done on minimum wage laws by the Cato Institute. Good for Idaho for refusing to consider it and I am hopeful that, in the not too distant future, Arizona's minimum wage will be dumped too.