Thursday, January 25, 2007

International Wildlife Film Festival

Today was the first day of the International Wildlife Film Festival's visit to Boise, Idaho. The visit coincides with Bald Eagle Days. For the next few days there will be showings at The Flicks. The schedule for the next few days is here.
Today Karyn and I attended the 2 hour showing of a number of short films. They were all enjoyable and diverse. It started with a humorous clay animation film of one individuals natural war against termites eating his home. Then there was the documentary of the giant leach. Wow, it was huge and ate earth worms whole. One film covered a wildlife study in Montana trying to reduce collisions between cars and wildlife. The last segment detailed how snails, crabs, millipeeds, etc evolved out of the oceans and onto the land. The footage was extraordinary. It was definitely worth the trip. We plan to catch tomorrows showing as well.

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