Friday, February 16, 2007

Driving to Work

I drove to work today for the first time in many weeks. Balancing a tax appointment, an important meeting at work, and grocery shopping convinced me to borrow Karyn's car and drive.  In hind sight, this was a bad idea. I wish I would have worked harder to balance my schedules.

I realized as I sat paused at light after light that driving is much more stressful than the bus. I missed the 15 minute walk each way to the bus, I missed the concentration that I put on the podcasts and books on tape that I listen to during my normal commute. Many say that the bus is just not convenient. While this is true on a number of fronts, driving a car is not that convenient either once you get used to the alternative.

I try to convince people to give the bus a try. But to start realizing the benefits you have to stick with it for a while.  Maybe a week or two. I think it took me a couple of weeks before I was convinced, but from that point forward the benefits grew and the alternative (driving) became much less attractive.

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