Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Mobile Blogging

I joined the world of mobile bloggers today. I configured my camera phone to be able to post photos directly on my blog. The image below was submitted from my phone (this text was added later).

On the bus I noticed the new ashtray posters that I provided to the bus service. They have put two of them in each bus in the Boise system. I suggested it as I continue to see bus riders and drivers throwing their cigarette butts on the ground before getting on the bus. My contacts indicated that if I provided the posters, they would be put up. That's what I did. Hopefully it will have some impact. The artwork came from

Mobile blogging!

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Unknown said...

Congratulations on your wonderful effort. For myself, I always multiply my actions by a thousand or a million. What would then be the result? I am sure that if a million people took time out to do something socially just and responsible as you have done the world would not be the place it is to-day. May your action inspire multiplication!