Thursday, April 26, 2007

Bike Transportation

With the onset of warm weather, the excuses for not riding your bike to work are quickly decreasing. A local blogger - The Bike Nazi - has written a great series of articles on Why Bike Transportation. Its a great series, check it out.

Reason #10 – "Unrighteous Pride"
Reason #9 - The Environment
Reason #8 – Sense of Achievement
Reason #7 - Social Responsibility / Conservation
Reason #6 - A Feast for the Senses
Reason #5 - Independence and Self-Reliance
Reason #4 - Exercise and Physical Health
Reason #3 - Stress Relief / Mental Health
Reason #2 - Economy
Reason #1 - (Drum roll... ... ...) FUN!!

On a related note, the local highway district has announced their "roadways to bikeways" plan, which should be completed by next year. The intent is to make the bike lanes within our city more useful, to "take existing pathway systems in Boise and Eagle and connect them so bicyclists can get from Meridian to Kuna, or Boise to Star, in a way that's safer." As a recreational and commuting cyclist, I view this as a positive plan that should encourage more bicycle commuting. If you would liek to provide your input take the survey.

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