Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Google Analytics

Being the geeky person that I am, I am very interested in the analytics data that Google Analytics provides regarding my blog. It has been running for close to a month now.

Most of the traffic coming into my blog is coming from Google searches (about 55%). Next would be referrals from other blogs and web sites (34%). With the remainder being direct links (bookmarks) or people who click on the link via my email footer.

I was surprised and happy to see people coming into my site from,, and The fact that people in government are at least looking at what I am writing is a big motivator for me. Most of those have first found the 43rd State Blues Blog, then followed the links from there to my blog. This is even more positive as 43rd State Blues aggregates many of the Idaho lefty blogs and they publish a lot of great perspective over there.

Google Analytics also provides the search words that people use to get to your site. Not surprising, I receive a lot of traffic on wolves, leatherback turtles, birds, and Idaho outdoors. This is expected as these are my primary interest areas. Also of note, are the number of "porn" searches that come into my site. Since I used the word in two posts (now three), regarding bird mating photos, this has opened my site up to these searches. I can also see what domains these searches come from, so the people shouldn't be searching for Idaho porn!

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