Thursday, April 19, 2007


Something has been bothering me since the horrible events occurred at the Virginia Tech campus earlier this week. I was on a business trip during the time, providing more access to TV and newspaper media than I usually see. Nearly every channel, morning and night, had coverage of the events on campus. We listened as the media poured more and more people in front of the camera to say the same thing - what a despicable act this was. People saying what we all believe, bringing to life those emotions.
But where was the media the day before, when the same things happened in Iraq? Where were they the day before that when the same thing happened in Iraq? What about the day before that? Some might say, "but these were university students in their prime"? So where was the media when the over 70 students were killed at a Baghdad University in January. This story barely made the front page, a simple mention on most news programs. Did the president fly there to meet with the families?
We in America say we care about what's right. We say we care about innocent people dying. Why is no one paying attention? Is the difference that we actually created the problem in Iraq? If we create it, then it somehow doesn't count?
We wonder why most of the world dislike and/or hate the US. They watch as we consistently ignore innocent deaths around the world, many that we ourselves have caused. Then make a huge week long spectacle when a much smaller incident occurs here. How would you perceive that if you were in their shoes? I would find it extremely hypocritical.
Its time for the US to step up and take leadership in the world. Leadership by stopping the war in Iraq. Leadership by engaging in positive change instead of negative. Leadership by showing some compassion for others. Leadership to save this world from what we in the US are doing to it.
I am truly sorry for the families and friends of those killed in Virgina. I am equally sorry for the families and friends of the innocent people being killed daily in Iraq.

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