Friday, April 06, 2007

Shooting in Idaho

I love Idaho, but sometimes I am amazed at what people consider as acceptable behavior around here.

Idahoans generally consider themselves independent types. They generally don't like outside influences telling them what they can and cannot do. Additionally, still dominated by a rural population, Idaho generally lacks an appreciaton for what it means to work and live together as a society. Individual rights usually trump the rights of the whole.

On Thursday, the associated press released an article on Idaho shooters target National Guard. I originally thought this was an April Fools joke, but it does not appear to be. The story has a pciture of a person sitting behind a "no shooting" sign with a rifle shooting ground squirrels (not surprising). The story goes on to explain that numerous endangered birds have been killed in the area (also not surprising), some private cattle that are still allowed to roam in the area have been shot (somewhat surprising), but the most amazing of all - that national guard vehicles are regularly hit with gunfire in the area.

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