Thursday, April 26, 2007

Wolf Terrorist Sentenced

The trend of light penalties for killing/trying to kill endangered species continues. Last week Timothy B. Sundles was sentenced for trying to kill wolves with poison meatballs. In his attempt to kill wolves, Sundles instead killed three domestic dogs, a coyote, a fox, several magpies, and probably other animals as well. In addition, his actions posed significant risk to anyone who handled the animals. What does one get for all of this - six days in jail and somewhere near $2000 in penalties. Basically a joke. Its my belief that the sentence would have been lighter still had the domestic dogs not been killed. Probably the most significant part of the penalty is that Sundles is banned from public lands for 2 years, although I doubt that there is anyone out there enforcing this.
Just another fine example of our society's lack of respect for life, for wild ecosystems and our lack of serious enforcement of the laws to protect them. This was a planned attack (Sundles supposedly had a web site describing the recipe and process of killing wolves with tainted meatballs) endangering wildlife, people, and a valuable public asset. For that he will get a slap on the wrist and be honored by his friends.

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unbelievable . . .