Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Latest Blog Statistics

The most significant reason to have analytics running on your blog, such as Google Analytics or HitTail, is the sheer entertainment of knowing how people actually get to your site. Many paths are expected. For example, when people search on topics that I post about, they arrive at my site. This makes sense. Here are some of the more questionable searches that people have used to find this site:
"Wilson Snipe Recipe" - I have written about Wilson Snipes in a couple of posts, but I have never heard of anyone eating them. They are a fairly small bird and not that common.
"Rob has two legs" - Interesting search. I wonder if my site helped them with this statement.
"Penalty for killing woodpecker" - One has to question. Did they already do it, or were they just considering it? Premeditation=Murder. Careful about those web searches!
"Nampa for the birds" - Is this a question or a statement?
"Shooting ground squirrels in Idaho" - My readers are definitely on the violent side!
"Organic Stool Softener" - Hmmm.

And of course lots of searches on wolves, wildlife, yellowstone, birds, and places that I have been.

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