Saturday, June 09, 2007

BluePrint for Good Growth

I was recently nominated to a position on the steering committee for Ada County's Blue print for Good Growth. I was nominated to fill one of the two "large Industry" positions on the team. This last week I accepted this position and attended the first meeting.
Being a Growth-o-phobe I wasn't sure that a growth oriented team was right for me. I was also concern about representing myself and big industry. Upon reviewing the purpose of the team and the activities currently underway, I was much more confident that I could contribute to the team, contribute in a positive direction, and support the industry perspective (at least my company - Hewlett-Packard). While being a growth-o-phobe, I do acknowledge that growth in the valley is inevitable. It would be better to ensure that this growth occurs in the most positive way possible for those who live here today, minimizing traffic congestion, air polution, paying for itself, etc. The group is working on all of these concepts. Two initiatives specifcally caught my attention - transit ready development and adequate public facilities ordinances. I believe that both are critically important in the future of the valley.
I'll post progress as it happens.

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