Tuesday, June 05, 2007

May In Motion Results

Each May the Treasure Valley runs a "May in Motion" campaign to promote the use of alternative transportation methods. As a part of the campaign, the organizers track participation reports by encouraging individuals to submit their commute activities. Here are my results for May:
Didn't Work/Vacation/Holiday - 6 days (not counting weekends)
Rode the Bus - 8 days
Rode my bike - 3 days
Work from home - 4 days
Drove to work - 2 days
Ouch! I drove 2 days. This is unusual for me. The two days were in support of the International Space Station Contact at a local school. There was no bus service to the school, it was too far to walk, and I felt I needed to be presentable ruling out a bike ride. Someday we will have a bus system to accomodate these types of activities.

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