Saturday, August 25, 2007

Coffee Break Spanish

Karyn and I are planning a trip to Costa Rica this fall for some bird and wildlife watching. As such I thought it would be a good idea to learn some spanish. The little Italian that we learned prior to our Italy trip paid off very well. Not only did it help us find our hotel, bike shops, etc, it had a positive impression on all the people we interacted with.
I found an excellent free podcast for learning spanish called Coffee Break Spanish. You can find it on iTunes, PodcastAlley, or directly from their web site. The podcasts are conversational in nature, focusing on using the language quickly.
Hola. Me llamo Rob. Soy de los Estados Unidos. Vivo en Boise Idaho. Hablo un poco español. Ahora entiendo un poco español. Hasta luego.
Ok, I have to admit that Google helped me with the spelling of some of these words! Its a great resource that I would highly recommend. Check it out.

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saraeanderson said...

When I first heard about podcasts, I thought they sounded really dumb, but as a devoted NPR listener, I should have known I'd love them. There are lots of great science ones, NPR podcasts all sorts of shows (even ones that we don't get around here), and that's only what I've gotten into so far. I'm going to Mexico in December - maybe I should start listening to some Spanish language ones.

wolf21m said...

Sara, yes I like the NPR podcasts as well. I never miss a Science Friday. Since I ride the bus to work it is a perfect time to listen in. Thanks for stopping by.