Thursday, August 30, 2007

Reverend Rob

In a previous story about Reverend Rob, I wrote about being ordained as a minister in the Universal Life Church.

In late July I administered my first official wedding. The wedding of Doug and Lanette was my primary purpose for becoming ordained. It was on their request that I applied in the first place.

The ceremony was short and sweet. I think they chose me as they knew that I wouldn't speak too long. They even wrote the ceremony for me trying to ensure that it stayed short. It was a standing ceremony after all. I did take the liberty to expand it to nearly twice the length (still only a few minutes long).

Doug's daughter commented that she was glad that I chose to wear an outrageous outfit. It might not have looked quite so outrageous had the robe actually covered my bare legs and sandals! It did look as if I was graduating. I must have done all right with the ceremony as I received a number of invitations to officiate other weddings should those individuals have a need (most were already married).

I was very honored that Doug and Lanette asked me and trusted me to do this. I was more than happy to contribute.

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saraeanderson said...

My husband and I were married by a minister in the Universal Life Church - who was also a pathologist at the diagnostic lab where I work. We wanted a secular wedding, and he was happy to deliver.