Sunday, September 30, 2007

New Spanish Language Resource

As we continue to prepare for our upcoming trip to Costa Rica, I have continued my study of Spanish. As I mentioned before, I have been using the Coffee Break Spanish podcasts for a great deal of my learning. These podcasts are free and can easily be found on iTunes or via their web site.

Two weeks ago I discovered a new resource Live Mocha. This online site provides a wealth of resources. The site is not specific to Spanish and offers a number of languages. It also has a community aspect to it. They offer lessons, assign you a tutor that you may ask questions to, and have integrated instant message capability, both text and voice. The other evening I was chatting with a woman from Columbia. She was learning English and typing her messages in English as I was replying in Spanish. We were each able to provide corrections and suggestions to one another. This service has really helped in my understanding of the language, spelling, and sentence structure. There were all aspects that we lacking in the podcasts alone.

Estoy aprendiendo español. Hasta Luego!

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