Monday, September 17, 2007

World Clock Statistics

Here is a link to a World Clock that calculates interesting statistics on population growth, disease, etc. It allows you to choose different timeframes and start the calculations whenever you want. I reset the numbers and let it run for 4 hours one day. Here is a snapshot of what I found.I was surprised by a numbers of things. The first is the alarming population growth rate. I was not aware that the birth rate more than doubles the current world death rate. I welcome anyone to explain how that is sustainable. The next surprising item for me is the number of abortions. It is much much greater than I expected. Of course, if the anti-abortion forces had their way, the birth rate would be triple the death rate and we would be destroying the world even faster! It is encouraging the number of bicycles produced in the 4 hours outpaced the number of cars, but that was still an amazingly high number of cars produced (16,495)! The item in my opinion that most indicates the end of human population is the fact that we allowed 12 species to go extinct in this 4 hour period. That is 3 new species going extinct every hour, every day.

Each time I post of population issues I receive comments encouraging a voluntary approach to population reduction. The voluntary approach is basically what we have been using to date. The voluntary approach is what has created a world where we allow the birth rate to double the death rate. Furthermore we are trying to extend the birth advantage through the elimination of abortion and improvement in prenatal health around the world, while reducing the death rate through better medical procedures. It is a difficult situation as it is ethically impossible to deny medical treatment to individuals or a portion of the population, but the systematic view clearly indicates that something must absolutely be done.

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Anonymous said...

when I was born in the mid-1960's my mom was urged by her friends to have an abortion because it wasn't "convenient" for her at the time. I am the result of her morale decision not to terminate a living being. Just because you can't see it doesn't mean it's not alive. Agree population control is an issue, but killing isn't the answer (unless, of course, we're talking about a serial killer or terrorist). God Bless.

wolf21m said...

Well, it seemed it worked out just fine for you. Your mother had a choice and made it.