Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Cost of War in Iraq and Afghanistan

The Washington Post has an interesting article today on the costs of the war in Iraq and Afghanistan. The new estimate is nearly double the official spending as it includes higher oil prices, expense of treating injured soldiers, and paying interest on the debt. What is the estimated cost for the taxpayer? The cost for a family of four is in excess of $20,000!  Unbelievable!

Of course, this is almost entirely funded through debt, so the impact on our future generations is huge. I would also point out that this increased number still does not include all of the costs of this war. A few of my examples that I did not see included in the report:

  • The decreased stature of the United States in the world for launching an unjust war in Iraq. This is impacting our economy, our ability to promote democracy in the world, our ability to use our values to influence peace, etc.
  • The future security costs associated with the rise of terrorism specifically spawned by our unjust war in Iraq.
  • The costs of other developments that have occurred in the world while we have been distracted in Iraq.

I am sure there are many other costs as well. When will we look at these costs and our failed Iraq strategy and determine we have thrown enough down the drain? When will we realize the world is less safe as a result of our actions? When will we realize that it is time to change our course to a more positive direction? I hope for ourselves and the world, that answer to these questions is soon.

Thanks to ThinkProgress for the link.

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Pam said...

One of my fellow authors put up a blog post about the cost of war. It fits nicely with some of the points that you have made here, so, I thought I'd direct you to it... at EverydayCitizen.com .... she calls the post:
Economists Explain: Bush Destroyed Our American Dream and it's at this address:

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