Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Another Pedestrian Killed

What is it with traffic in the Boise area these days? This morning another person was killed by a car. That brings the 2 month accident total in the valley to at least 7, with 5 fatalities! This morning it was a three year old child. I am not implying that each case was the fault of the drivers, but in at least two of the cases drugs and alcohol were involved (by the drivers not the pedestrians) and arrests have been made.

Dec 5 - Child hit by car. Killed.
Dec 2 - Woman killed in intersection.
Nov 30 - Woman killed in intersection.
Nov 29 - Four-year-old girl hit, killed.
Nov 28 - Construction worker hit by car (injured)
Nov 26 - Car strikes 12-year old after running light.
Oct 19 - Woman bicyclist killed while waiting for a stop light.

One possible explanation, although I don't buy it: Police think gas prices increasing the number of pedestrians.

As a cyclist and pedestrian myself, this has certainly captured my attention. I am a lot more alert as I walk to and from the bus each day. Just this morning I was crossing in the cross walk with a walk signal as a car turning toward me crossed my path as if I wasn't even there. I had to step back out of his way. I wasn't surprised to see him talking on his cell phone.

Another accident:
Dec 7: Girl, 13, hit by car, appears to be OK

Dec 14 - 14 year old boy on bike hit by car - boy cited.
Dec 15 - 16 year old woman hit by car, driver cited.

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