Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Great Backyard Bird Count

This weekend is the 2008 Great Backyard Bird Count! February 15-18th.

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Anyone can participate.  It only takes 20 minutes.  15 minutes to count birds anywhere you may be and 5 minutes to submit your observations, preferably online. You don't have to be a birding expert, only report the birds that you know.  Full instructions can be found on the Great Backyard Bird Count Web Site.  This is citizen science at its best and fun along the way. If you haven't participated before, give it a shot.

You can read my report from last year - One, Two, Three, Four.... You can read my report for this year sometime next week here on my blog.

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Anonymous said...

It's not science at all in my book. Repeatedly they have disallowed sightings and numbers I have submitted over the years. And despite my protests, continue to deny new data in favor of old conclusions.

Myke Weber said...

I'd like to recind my previous comment. GBBC has gone to great lengths to communicate with me and have more than satisfactorily resolved my issues. I am amazed that right during the count they would spend the time to deal with my personal concerns. Kudos and thanks for brightening my perspective on your program.