Friday, February 01, 2008

Large Raptors

On Friday afternoon we received a nice break in the week long chain of storms, so Karyn and I headed out for a little bird and wildlife watching. This is a good time of year to see eagles and knowing the elk are fairly low right now, there was a possibility for a rare wolf sighting. The last time out we didn;t find any eagles.

The first stop was an overlook of the Boise River in the parking lot of the Crow's Inn bar. Here we quickly found a Bald Eagle in a tree down near the river. Then on the horizon flying toward us were two juvenile Golden Eagles. Spectacular. We then drove up to Lucky Peak Dam. Here we found three juvenile Bald Eagles soaring close by. Here a picture of one of them which appears to be a first year juvenile.

Driving on to Spring Shores on the back side of the resevoir, we found tons of deer and a few elk. No signs of predators though. But the true treat of the day was a Great Gray Owl. This is the first Great Gray I have seen in the wild. We watched for over 30 minutes as it looked around apparently hunting for food. We watched a Black-billed Magpie fly up to nip its tail. The owl didn't even flinch.

Not a bad day.

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Rob, excellent picture of the great gray owl - it is so perfect it almost doesn't look real... Sounds like you guys had a great day...

Lisa B.