Thursday, June 26, 2008

Predators and Parasites

A college friend of mine, Marina, has been reading some of the articles on my blog. I think she must have been reading some of my stories on Predators (Wolf Politics Continue or Close Encounters), or maybe even some on Parasites (Parasitic Wasps). A few weeks back she sent me a book recommendation on parasites and predators:

by Scott Westerfeld

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I used one of my Audible subscription credits to get the book on my ipod and have listened to it over the past few weeks.  Its a fascinating little novel for someone who likes either predators or parasites. The author introduces each chapter with a true story about a some weird parasite and it's lifecycle. He then integrates many of the parasites or at least their methods into the rest of the novel. Its well done. Be warned that a few of the parasite stories are a bit freaky. Any way, it is an enjoyable book and provides a real education along the way.

Speaking of books, I have just finished my self study of statistics in preparation for my return to school this fall.

Introduction to the Practice of Statistics w/CD-ROM
by David S. Moore, George P. McCabe

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Through the process my study skills slowly improved and my skills in the exercises also improved.  In hindsight, I am very glad I put forth the effort. I expect my transition into classwork to benefit as a result.  Now I have started working through my textbooks for the fall. For my Technical Communication course the textbook is written by my professor.

Technical Communication
by Mike Markel

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Its been a fairly easy read so far. Since it is lighter than my Biology textbook I took it on my last business trip to read on the plane.  The big book is my Biology textbook:

by Peter H Raven, George B Johnson, Kenneth A. Mason, Jonathan Losos, Susan Singer

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I am just starting on this one.

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