Sunday, August 31, 2008

Barack Obama on science.

The Scientists and Engineers for America, an organization I proudly support, has created a list of critical questions on science which have been posed to all candidates   running for federal office. The congressional candidates are asked 7 questions on Innovation, Climate Change, Energy, Education, Water, Research, and Health. Via the SEA web site you can search for the responses from your local candidates. Find your candidates here. The site also provides a side by side comparison of your candidates responses.

Innovation 2008

Find your candidates,
ask where they stand.

Brought to you by Scientists & Engineers for America

Surprisingly three of the four candidates from my district in Idaho have answered the questionnaire.

Larry LaRocco (Candidate D-ID)
James Risch (Candidate R-ID)

Deborah Holmes (Candidate D-ID-2)

For the presidential candidates there are 14 questions on Innovation, Climate Change, Energy, Education, National Security, Pandemics and Biosecurity, Genetics Research, Stem Cells, Ocean Health, Water, Space, Scientific Integrity, Research, and Health. Last week Barack Obama submitted his answers so that you can read them.  John McCain has not yet submitted his responses.

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1 comment:

Ed W said...

I shouldn't have allowed curiosity to get the upper hand. Senator James Inhofe (OK) voted for so-called clean coal, voted against requiring higher CAFE standards for motor vehicles, and apparently believes the Earth is flat.

Now I'm depressed.