Monday, August 25, 2008

First day of class!

The first day of classes is finally here! Today is my first official day back in school pursuing training for my Encore Career in Biology/Ecology. I have been waiting for 6 months for this day to arrive.

It seems to me that I have been blogging a lot about this topic, but I cannot help myself. This is the most significant career step I have taken in the last 20 years and I cannot wait to get started. I haven't given up my previous career just yet, but it feels liberating to be working on a new path.

I made the decision nearly six months ago to finally take the leap back into school.  I had thought about it for a while, but the time had come to make it happen. With my interest in birds and wildlife, Biology was the natural focus. I chose Boise State University due to its proximity to my house.  I can walk or ride my bike! They appear to have a fairly strong program, especially in Ornithology. The acceptance process was quite easy as they have no testing requirements for seeking a second bachelors degree. I am officially enrolled in a degree program for a Bachelors of Science degree in Biology with an emphasis in Ecology.  I will need 52 credit to graduate.

Since I have no official Biology background, the first year will involve getting some of the key requirements out of the way.  The foundation of my first semester is General Biology 191 and Lab. I am also completing the communications requirement by enrolling in ENGL 202 Technical Communication.

The first official day of school is a bit anti-climactic. I won't actually travel to campus. My Biology class doesn't meet until Tuesday. My communications course is a web course so there are no classes to attend. In fact over the weekend I completed the assignments for the first two weeks of the communications class. It doesn't hurt to be ahead of the game.  Tomorrow is the first big day with my Biology Lecture followed by the Biology Lab.

I traveled to campus last week to reserve a spot and a locker in the bike barn (indoor locked bike storage, way cool!). While filling out the paperwork the lady repeatedly referred to me as a faculty member.  I had told her twice that I was a student. Probably won't be the last time. I appear to be older than my advisor as well. I do expect other non-traditional students in my Biology class as it was the only evening section.  I will soon find out.

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April said...

good luck! did you get your school supplies?? that was always my favorite part, even in college!

wolf21m said...

April, I didn't actually go school clothes shopping... I bought my books months ago, but have been getting everything else in order - Campus ID, free bus pass from the school (save $30 a month), membership at the indoor bike barn, etc.

Eric Heupel said...

Congratulations! & Good Luck!
For Bio the best specialization program at BSU is the Ornithology especially Raptors.

I too am a totally non-traditional back for sciences (Marine Science) headed on to Grad School (hopefully)

When did they put in the bike barn? That is so awesome, I really coulda used that when I was there. I biked in from near 5 Mile and Ustick for a while then we moved to near E. Parkcenter near Baggley Park. Unfortunately most of my credits did not transfer to UCONN.

Eric Heupel said...

Oh, and as for the faculty thing... yeah, I just go with it. Even in my small regional campus I get it almost daily. I don't encourage it, but I must admit I gave up trying to convince everyone I was not faculty since I am as old as my adviser, but look older because of premature greying.

wolf21m said...

Eric, Thanks for the encouragement. The bike barn was put in one or two years ago. It is a locked room in the Kinesiology building. Tracked by specific combination codes. It comes with racks, a small locker for each person and shower access. Unfortunately, there are only 40 spots available. The guy behind me in line received the last slot.