Saturday, October 04, 2008

Another moderate stance by our governor...

The wolf population "issue" in Idaho continues along its usual path of state officials looking for a "reasonable" solution.  Here is a recent quote from our governor:

“They say Butch Otter wants to kill all the wolves in Idaho,” Otter said. “Well, they’re right.” - The Owyhee Avalanche

And they wonder why the courts, the federal wildlife officials, and the public in general don't trust the state with responsible management of wolves. I still contend that this would have been a non-issue years ago if the states had taken a leadership position and put together reasonable management plans. Instead, comments like this pour money into the legal and political battles on both sides.

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1 comment:

saraeanderson said...

I *seriously* don't get it. I thought us mavericky Westerners could handle a wild animal or two. And don't need no help from people with rifles in helicopters.