Sunday, October 26, 2008

Busy in the Fall

It was pointed out by one of my regular readers that I haven't posted in a few weeks. I guess, the "I've been busy" excuse doesn't work. So here is an update on my life.

First, school continues to go very well. I am sitting at an A- in my technical communications course and much better than that in Biology. Biology has been very interesting for me. Last week we got to dissect sheep eyeballs. Very cool! Next week we get to count beetles. Not so cool! We have been slowly shifting from cellular biology, into genetics, and now just starting inheritance and evolution. The beetles we will be counting are the result of a population and resource experiment. I will have to write my first scientific research paper on the results. I will register for classes this next week for the Spring. I hope to continue with Biology, then take either my first Ecology course or Ornithology, or both!

Work has been very interesting and stressful lately. New management was brought in from the outside which has caused quite a bit of turmoil. They pushed my boss out and have been trying to quickly change the culture of the organization. Some for the good, some not so much. We all have been working very hard trying to keep our jobs. The jury is still out...

On the job note, I applied for a new job a few weeks back. The position is the executive director for a non-profit organization. It would be a stretch, but is well aligned with my interests - wildlife, ecosystems, recreation, scenic preservation. I completed a phone interview last week that went very well. I should be hearing about possible next steps in a week or two.

Last weekend we headed into the hills to find some wolves. No luck. It might have been the fact that it sounded like a battle zone out there. Gun fire in all directions. We survived without getting shot. It was nice to be in the mountains.

Lesser Scaup, Buffleheads, and a Western Grebe in pond in Big Meadow.

We met up with Doug and Lanette for a long hike in the mountains. It was a great hike, just not as scenic as we had hoped. After 17 miles, we were definitely done for the day.

Doug, Lanette, and Karyn having lunch on a rock.

The economy? No stress there!

Oh, did you know there is an election coming up? Millions of dollars, annoying ad after annoying ad, and they still have changed my mind on a single candidate or issue! I guess I am not considered a "swing" voter. Oh well. All I can say is that I am definitely ready for a CHANGE! Here is the best campaign video I have seen (stick with it, the ending is good!).

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