Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Winter holiday

I am off from work for 2 weeks. Apparently my company believes that I am so valuable as an employee, that I can best contribute by not being there. We will see how valuable they think I am when January comes around. Ha! (inside joke, find out on January 2nd)

I have started my vacation by skate skiing three of the first 4 days of my vacation. As you might imagine, I am a little tired right now. Tomorrow we plan to make it 4 out of 5 before a day or two off for the holidays. At this time last year we had a month of skiing in with twice as many ski days. The late start will probably lower the kilometers I get in this year. Oh well, it sure is great skiing right now!

I looked up my grades today from last semester. I did indeed squeak out an A- in technical communications. Along with my A+ is Biology, I should get a 3.87 GPA. Hmm. I would have thought that would give me a 4.0, but they count the A+ as an A. Not bad for a first semester back while working full time. Hopefully this will help me on the scholarship hunt.

My schedule is all finalized for next semester. I will be continuing in General Biology and picking up the second half of General Chemistry. I had the first half of General Chemistry 24 years ago! I'm sure I remember everything! Not! The classes I am most excited about are Ecology and Ornithology. Lets see if I can keep my GPA up with this load! Four lab classes!

On a completely different note. If you want to comment on this blog, make sure you identify yourself. Apparently, one of Idaho's new wacko lawmakers, and we have a number of them, wants to introduce a bill to ban anonymous commenting on the internet. A whole flood of responses pass through my mind... First, don't they have important things to worry about like maybe education, equal rights, poverty, environmental protection, transportation, etc. Second, why stop with the Internet? Will I also have to announce my name anytime I say something in public? What's the difference? Third, how would they possibly enforce it? By requiring the providers to get proof of ID for any service? Driving up the cost and decreasing the value for all? This is the problem with most government, particularly in Idaho. The laws are written by individuals who do not represent the people, are out of touch with reality, and in most cases don't even know what they are talking about (for example, is he talking about anonymous commenting or anonymous blogging?). Why this state continues to elect people like this I have no idea. Actually I do - they have an "R" by their name.

I wish you a Happy Holidays.

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Anonymous said...


Congratulations on successfully completing your first semester! Enjoy your well deserved vacation :-) And yes, Idaho does produce an interesting breed of politicians... I am still not over Chenoweth and her position on salmon as an endangered specie...

Happy holidays to you as well. Wishing you a wonderful New Year!