Friday, January 30, 2009

Afternoon Birdwatching

While working on my chemistry homework this afternoon, Karyn suggested I look in the back yard. Perched just above our bird feeders was a young Sharp-shinned Hawk! This is no accident. The Sharp-shin is a small bird predator. This last week the number of Pine Siskins has risen in our yard, which is usually followed by a "Sharpie".

After I completed the homework for the day, we went for a walk on the Owl's Roost trail near our house. We found the male Great Horned Owl hooting to his mate. If we stuck around longer we might have seen them mate. We have observed mating each of the last two years. In fact on valentine's day each of the last two years. Guess where we will spend this valentine's day?

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Anonymous said...

Rob ~ Thanks for posting your sighting of the 'Sharpie' and the horned owl.. I remember you talking about the owl pair last year. Just a bit ago I noticed quite a bit of red robin activity near my house... For some reason seeing birds just makes me (and my family) really happy.. Always appreciate your observations!