Sunday, January 04, 2009

Close up Juncos

You might remember a post from last week where I highlighted my Holiday Gifts. One of the gifts was a portable photography blind. I haven't been able to get out to put it to a true test, but have played around with it in the backyard. Yesterday, I was able to get photos with about 4 feet of the birds themselves. The blind appeared to work quite well. Here is a photo of a Dark-eyed Junco. (click image to enlarge)


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Anonymous said...

I must say that I myself am very much the animal lover! When I was younger, I used to live on a farm. Now, it wasn't your traditional farm with cows and all rather a farm with peacocks, doves, parrots, bunnies, puppies, chickens, ducks, and a dog named Bonnie that made sure every thing was okay! :) Basically a farm that consisted of only the cutest animals on the planet! I loved them all, they were part of the family and even up until today I speak about them because they are, what can I say, a real part of my history :)