Thursday, January 01, 2009

Life transformations

Today is a very scary, but exciting day for me! I have made a very significant new year's resolution, which has been in the works for some time. In March of last year, I wrote of my evolving mid-life crisis. The result took me back to school to study Biology/Ecology. Just a few weeks back I reported on the success of that first semester.

Today I took the next logical step in the procession. I have officially communicated my intent to become unemployed to my employer, or more appropriately not-employed. A specific date is yet to be negotiated, but will occur some time in January. After 20+ years working for the same company, this is a very significant step. They have treated me very well for many years, but it is now time to move on and contribute in a new area. An area where I have a much deeper personal interest and commitment.

I am registered to return to Boise State University January 20th for a full line up of classes, including 4 labs! My intent is to emphasize community and evolutionary ecology with a focus on field research. This is a deep area of interest of mine and a way that I feel I can best contribute to the world. During the Spring semester I will have coursework in General Biology, General Chemistry, Ecology, and Ornithology. With 4 labs, I expect to be quite busy! My estimated graduation for a B.S. degree in Biology with emphasis in Ecology is sometime in 2010, possibly as early as Spring.

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