Sunday, January 18, 2009

Nasty Inversion

The city of Boise is currently suffering from a nasty inversion. If you have never experienced an inversion count yourself lucky. I had never experienced one until I moved to Boise over 20 years ago. The inversion primarily occurs in the winter when a high pressure system locks all of the air into the valley. Pollution builds up in the valley and gets worse and worse with time. Air quality degrades to the point that they recommend that people stay in doors. The temperature gets colder and more humid. Everyone's mood tends to deteriorate. We all hope for a storm to come through and blow it all away.

For those that participate in outdoor winter sports such as skiing or snowshoeing, there is some relief. As you drive to the ski area you suddenly break through the smog and enter crystal clear blue ski. Today the weather was clear, sunny, and 45 degrees! Nice.

Here is a quick video I took from our house at the base of the mountain, then again 10 miles up the mountain, and again from the ski area. You can see first hand how nice it is up there. Unfortunately, the snow doesn't last long when the temps hit 45 everyday. The weather reports tells us that we have at least 4 more days...

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