Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Kessel and Joe

We are still playing in Fruita Colorado. The weather is supposed to be unsettled all week, but there were no complaints from our party today! We awoke to another day of clear skies. The first task of the morning was to take in a little birdwatching along the Colorado River. My bird journal for Ornithology class is filling out nicely. A few interesting points were some Great-tailed Grackles performing what appeared to be a territorial display, looking to the sky and fanning their tails.

Great-tailed Grackles displaying

The path along the river was beautiful. It passes between a lake and the river. There were lots of birds to watch. The other great shot for the day was a female Northern Harrier on the far side of the river. I have always been fascinated with these birds.

Female Northern Harrier

The big excitement for the day was tandem mountain biking out 18 road. We rode for more than two hours and didn't see a soul, other than in the parking lot. This trail system is the system that made Fruita famous. To give you a taste, check out this video of 18 road trails. We rode both of the trails highlighted in the video today - Joe's Ridge and Kessel's Run. It was spectacular. The trails are smooth and winding, which makes them well suited for tandems. We were also able to find some very difficult sections as well, like the crossing from the Western Zip trail over to Joe's. We will definitely be heading back out there for some more fun. Tomorrow we are meeting up with Chris, the guy we met a few days ago with the Vantana mountain tandem. His wife has to work, but he plans to show us some more of what Fruita has to offer.

Here I am writing this blog post. I have to sit up here as it is the only way my computer can connect to the free internet!

Hanging out in the van poaching internet


Anonymous said...

Really roughing it, I mean having to "poach" internet, wow, It's lie you are in the wides and everything! I will link dad, he will enjoy the birding, dan

Anonymous said...

I will link dad, he will enjoy the birding, dan
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