Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter Ride

My spouse, knowing my geekish nature oh too well, bought me a Oregon Scientific handlebar/helmet cam for my birthday. After a few test runs to and from school last week, mainly filming the asphalt in front of the bike, it was time for a real test on the trails. Sunday morning, before attending family functions, Karyn and I hit the trails on our mountain tandem. This video includes three of the downhill section of a popular Boise foothills trail known as Corrals or the Satellite trail. The first is a short single track section near the start of the trail.

The second is the drop from the high point most of the way to eighth street.

The last is the drop from the place known as the motorcycle parking lot back down to Boise. Some of the flatter sections were edited out.

The video was taken with the camera mounted to the handlebars of the bike. The camera comes with an attachment for a helmet mount as well, but I still need some adjustment on that one. The last test produced video of the road in front of me. I will have to mount it further back.

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