Thursday, April 02, 2009

More photos from Fruita

Our time in Fruita Colorado came to an end as I had to head back to school. I finally collected some of the photos and videos of our riding there. Here is a compilation of the remaining items.

Our last few days in Fruita went very fast. On Thursday there was a large snowstorm that came through, leaving a little snow on the ground (12-18 inches in Denver!). We opted for a hike instead of riding the muddy trails. Doug and Lanette arrived that afternoon and joined us. By Friday, the trails were once again dry, so we took Doug and Lanette out to 18 Road to ride PrimeCut/Kessel, Prime Cut/Joe's and the Western Zip trail. A good three and a half hours of riding. Here's a video of Karyn and I on Joe's Ridge.

Here is Doug and Lanette on the Kessel Trail:

On Saturday the friends we met in Fruita with a Mountain tandem joined us for ride out Mary's Loop, Steve's Loop, and Horsethief Loop. Another 3.5 hour ride. It was great to follow a local tandem that knew the trails. They inspired us to try some technical moves that we would have otherwise walked. Here's Karyn and I riding Mary's Loop with the Colorado River in the background.

Rob & Karyn on Mary's Loop

Here's all three tandems above Steve's Loop.

Chris, Heather, Karyn, Rob, Doug, Lanette.

Here is Chris and Heather on the Horsethief Loop.

Chris & Heather on Horsethief Loop.

There were a few technical spot which were too difficult to ride.

Chris, Heather, and Rob on Mary's Loop.

In all we had a great time in Fruita and would highly recommend it. We had a great time riding and met some great people. Unlike Moab, we saw very few people on the trails. We hope to return for more play. As for my legs, they are still recovering...

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