Wednesday, July 08, 2009

The greatest mountain bike trail on earth

Fifteen years ago this month, Karyn and I were married. The wedding was a bit out of the ordinary as we were married on our tandem mountain bike. Our witnesses, Doug and Peggy, were escorting us on their tandem mountain bike. My brother and Karyn's sister rode single mountain bikes so they could take pictures. The minister hiked in to perform the ceremony. The location was in the middle of our favorite mountain bike trail, Fisher Creek in central Idaho. The custom bike jerseys were sewn by my mom.
Fisher Creek Trailhead 1994.
This last weekend Karyn and I were in the Stanley area as I performed my Nightjar survey. We had an opportunity to ride the trail on our much newer Ventana full suspension mountain tandem (anniversary present two years ago!). I took along the handlebar camera to let you see what it is like. Remember, Karyn cannot actually see the trail in front. Its all about trust. After 15 years, she still rides with me, so I must have earned some along the way, or at least not lost too much!
The trail has a big climb and then three downhill sections separated by shorter climbs. This is a rare trail in that it seems like more downhill than up. This first section is pretty tight, thus the speed is fairly slow. On some of the switchback corners we must come to almost a complete stop before leaning to get the bike around. The end of this first video shows us arriving in the meadow where the actual wedding ceremony was held.
Wow. That was fun. There is a medium climb before the next section. This next section is the longest downhill on the trail. I had to trim the video a bit on the front and end to keep it under 10 minutes (Youtube limit). You will note that we come up behind a motorcycle who pulls off to let us by. It looks like we scared him off the trail! This is also a very fast section of trail.
After another short climb, it is all speed, except for the downed tree, to the end of the trail. It is a great 17 mile trail and my overall favorite on the planet! Well, I could be a bit biased on that one for sentimental reasons. Anyway, it is a great trail rivaling any in the popular mountain bike destinations.
We will be riding the trail again next week as we return to actually celebrate our anniversary.


Anonymous said...

It's been a great ride! I look forward to 15 more years. I Love you. -YourRocketofPower

April said...

Aw, congrats on your anniversary. Unique wedding! Love the outfits!

Heidi said...

am I allowed to say: "aww, how cute!"? ;)