Thursday, August 02, 2012

Another Anniversary? How can that be?

In between the frantic completion of my field season and some more frantic research preparation for an upcoming conference, Karyn and I spent five days celebrating our 18th wedding anniversary in central Idaho. It was a great and needed break from all the research activity that my life currently encompasses.

The lovebirds hanging out on the Lookout on Lookout Peak!

The signature activity of the week was riding our mountain tandem on the Fisher Creek Mountain Bike Trail. This is the trail that we were married on 18 years ago! On that day we and our witnesses were each on mountain tandems. Here's the picture from that day:

Rob, Karyn, Doug, Peggy. Fisher Creek Idaho. 1994.

Wow, 18 years is a long time! But we are still going strong. For proof, here's the data of our ride this year! (yes, I'm a geek but you'll probably look at it!)

We had lots of activities planned for our brief time there. More mountain bike rides, hikes, wildlife watching, floating down the river, and of course, breakfast at Stanley Baking Company (twice because it's so awesome).

The hike we chose is a great hike to Lookout Peak Lookout. 360 degree panorama of multiple mountain ranges - Sawtooth Mountains, White Cloud Mountains, Salmon River Mountains, Boulder Mountains and even the Lost River Range (highest in Idaho).

Sawtooth Mountains from Lookout Peak Lookout.
White Cloud Mountains from Lookout Peak Lookout.

On the wildlife front we did find some interesting creatures. Not as many as we had hoped, but our time was a little pressed. A couple of my favorite animals in the area did present themselves.

American Pika - in the rabbit family.
Great Gray Owl.

There was more biking and a couple of floats down Bear Valley Creek, an awesome casual float with great wildlife. We floated once in the evening and once early in the morning.

Floating Bear Valley Creek.

All in all it was a great time, although a bit too short. We plan to make up for that with a few more weekends in the woods and our big trip of the year, Alaska!


Big Eddy said...

Wow, pictures of people! Great shots of both you and your lovely bride of 18 years! It was great of you to share!

Big Eddy said...

Pictures of people, cool! Great of you to share, I enjoyed all the photos of course! thanks for sharing. Get to see both of you after 18 years of bliss! I wonder how may worn out bike tires and thrashed hiking shoes that is?