Sunday, February 03, 2013

Birding with our Guests

This week some friends of mine from India were in town on a business trip. We had previously arranged for me to take them out on a local birding trip. The weather conditions were perfect for this time of year (40 degrees F and sunny), although the remaining ice on the trails presented some hiking challenges.

The first destination was our local favorite trail in Hull's Grove. Many of the usual birds were present and cooperative with photos. We also saw a rarer species for this area, the Evening Grosbeak, but it would not hold still for a photo.

Red-tailed Hawk.
Female American Kestrel.
White-crowned Sparrow.
Great Horned Owl.

After lunch we headed out to the Snake River Birds of Prey National Conservation Area in the hopes of seeing more raptors. We would not be disappointed. In the Snake River Canyon, the Prairie Falcons were very active with tremendous flight displays. The Golden Eagles and Red-tailed Hawks were present, but not too close. We were surprised by an adult Bald Eagle perched in a tree and as the fog set in I think we had a Ferruginous Hawk being mobbed by ravens. It was a pretty good day.

Prairie Falcon.
Prairie Falcon.

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